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Banff Springs

Banff Springs was a bitter sweet golf experience for us this season, sweet in the fact that it has always been on our bucket list, bitter in the fact that our trip didn't quite go as planned. The course in itself is absolutely stunning, the design is both fun and challenging without the gimmick that you might see from other courses. In comparison, Banff springs is fairly flat when put up against other mountain courses. Aside from a couple signature holes you wont see much elevation change, fairways are all fairly forgiving aside from some strategic trouble. You can expect towering mountain back drops, crystal blue water, and if you're as lucky as we were you should expect to see some wildlife too. Tee boxes, fairways, and greens were all in great shape the two times we played however for the price point you pay there are several areas we would like to see improved. The Bunkers are in very poor shape for one of Canadas top five courses. Many of the bunkers have little to no sand in them. Secondly majority of the bunkers are littered with stones anywhere between a nickle and a quarter in size. Our second gripe with the course is that you are paying $300-$400+ for your golf experience and in our opinion they do not meet or exceed that value. We found the staff there were not friendly or inviting, and many of the amenities to be subpar at best. No grass range, water not included with the round, both times we visited this season the course ran out of hot dogs and smokies. With all these little things put aside we also had a very terrible experience with the pro shop staff the second time we visited the course. As mentioned the course is absolutely beautiful however for the price point and the experience we will likely steer clear of Banff Springs in the future.

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